Presentations from our Dublin 2017 meeting, huge thanks to all our amazing presenters

Deirdre Humphreys, Emerging Markets Manager, Globoforce & Ireland IMA Board Member

Globoforce co-headquartered in Dublin & Boston is the leading provider of social recognition solutions, redefining how companies motivate and energize their employees.

For over twelve year Deirdre has been influential in leading Globoforce’s strategy to enter new markets and regions thus greatly expanding their merchant capabilities. She has been a strong advocate of the IMA for many years and is a part of the Irish IMA Chapter Board.

Deirdre will be delivered a presentation on  the subject of Crowdsourced Performance. View presentation

Leanne Papaioannou, Managing Director, Chilli Pepper 

Leanne established Chilli Pepper in 2005 in response to the need for dedicated, strategic customer loyalty expertise in the Irish market.

With over 16 years in customer loyalty, she has extensive experience in this field and is deeply passionate about every aspect of the business that impacts on customer loyalty and drives better commercial outcomes for her clients.

Leanne is an internationally renowned customer loyalty professional and has helped countless forward-thinking companies to achieve new heights by adopting her customer-focused B2C & B2B strategies. Her strengths lie in innovative strategic thinking, exceptional leadership skills and an ability to work with senior leaders to deliver commercially successful strategies.

She is also a keynote speaker in Ireland and abroad, sharing global loyalty trends to assist participants with retaining their customers and keeping them loyal in an ever-changing world.

Leanne also co-publishes the only dedicated Loyalty Magazine in Ireland called All About Loyalty.

Leanne delivered a presentation entitled Customer Loyalty Trends To Drive Your Strategies Forward. View presentation

Gillian Horan, CEO & Chief Brand Strategist at The Pudding

Branding is fast becoming a company’s most important asset and after 12 years in this industry Gillian is one of Ireland’s top brand experts. Gillian loves to talk about all things Branding. She strives to inspire those around her to gain clarity on their brand whether that is a corporate brand, a non-profit brand or a personal brand.

Gillian delivered a presentation on Employer Branding and Living your Company Values. View presentation