Dan Nugent, Sales Director, SVM Cards. Over the past year we have focused and worked hard on implementing a quality management system based on ISO 9001: 2008 standards. This week, we have had the great and satisfying news that we have passed our audit and now hold the official accreditation from BSI. The certificate is now sitting very proudly alongside our ISO 27001 certificate in the office.

This in itself is a great achievement, but as a company passionate about offering great customer service, we believe that this is far deeper than a piece of paper. We have spent the past year really looking at our organisation and have approached this as an inclusive project encompassing all members of our team but also our customers, clients and brand partners. This has been above all about listening.

We have spent time listening and understanding who our customer is, what they want, what they are motivated by and where SVM can make a difference. This has led to developments such as an off the shelf landing page package, additions of a European retail range and a standing order facility.

Listening to our customers and clients has also helped us understand where we can offer increased efficiency and service and, through our continual improvement programme, has led to several developments which will increase efficiency and benefit to everyone we serve.

Introducing external and internal feedback programmes has been influential in really pushing us forward. Internally we know that the people who can really help us understand where we can improve are the people doing the job. Initiatives such as Big Ears, where employees are encouraged to give feedback, and back to the floor days, where senior managers spend time working in each department, have been pivotal in gaining this insight and have also led to operational developments whilst also increasing trust and openness within the organisation.

Through our customer excellence training programme we have got to the hearts of our people and made sure everyone understands that they have a role to play. Whether it is in the set up of a new client, the financial process or being the one who packs the envelope, every single person within our organisation has a purpose. This is all centred around the most important person of all, the customer.

With all the processes and will in the world, we do know that sometimes things just do not go right but are proud that we have the passion and willingness to make a difference and work tirelessly on finding solutions. We are continually learning and improving and through the programme have put in corrective actions to ensure incidents don’t repeat themselves.

As a provider of gift cards, e-codes and gift vouchers for staff rewards and incentive programmes we understand the importance of having a motivated and engaged team. Using the theme of the Wizard of Oz, we have been able to make the whole journey fun, interesting but above all meaningful with every member of our team really being on board and wanting to make a difference in getting to the better land.

Our approach and focus on quality mirrors our approach and focus on security ensuring that we service our customers, clients and brand partners efficiently, effectively and securely getting it right first time every time.