A globally recognized player in the rewards and recognition industry, GC Incentives has just connected with CoreHealth Technologies, for what promises to be a mutually beneficial journey. CoreHealth Technologies is a wellness tech firm that stands to significantly gain from this deal – GC Incentives will tap into its existing network to add to their new partners offering.

Using the existing relationship with UK-based Ovation Incentives, GC Incentives hopes to simplify day-on-day administration and distribution of wellness rewards on the CoreHealth corporate wellness portal, catering to customers across the globe.

“Our technology powers wellness programs for health providers, and their global clients, located around the world. These providers are looking for a one-stop solution that makes it easy to incent and reward employees for their participation and success in wellness programs – no matter where they are located in the world,” says Anne Marie Kirby, CoreHealth Technologies CEO – explaining the motives behind the move. “With GC Incentives, we found a perfect partner to help us deliver a seamless wellness rewards solution to customers.”

The CoreHealth platform lets users translate accumulated points to tangible and exciting rewards, instantly.


The CEO at GC Incentives, Rick Buer, believes that the partnership will expand the company’s presence in the market. It will also add significant value to existing players like CoreHealth – their customers can now add incentives in more than 35 languages, across over 120 nations. Further, they’d be able to choose from a combined catalog of 1200+ gift cards.

Buer believes that together, the companies could push employee health and wellness to new heights: “We’re excited to partner with CoreHealth to integrate our rewards capabilities and collectively bring a solution to organizations that rewards healthy behaviors and makes a positive impact on individuals and their corporations.”

CoreHealth comes with an existing (and impressive) network of partners and vendors, allowing it to bring a host of the new offering to the market. Importantly, GC Incentives is the first to offer a gift card-centric package.

What’s interesting about GC Incentives is that with their potentially game-changing digital wallet approach, employees can earn as they go and the rewards would never expire. The integration allows customers to maintain corporate branding across platforms, without duplication.