Final Webinar of the Summer Series

Expert Industry Panelists

Susanne Chishti – CEO, FINTECH Circle
Professor Markos Zachariadis – Alliance Manchester Business School (FinTech), Cambridge University, World Economic Forum
Sebnem Elif Kocaoglu Ulbrich – Founder, Contextual Solutions

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In the session, we will be covering some really hot topics: What is the social, political & economic impact of Payment Technologies and how does it affect the reward & incentives industry. What key advice would our panel like to share that they’ve acquired through the successful growth of their Fintechs they’ve worked with over the past few years. We’ll explore what extent are new FinTech products building in a reward mechanism such as cashback etc… Are Fintech start-ups building in customer engagement capability in addition to the core functions. We’ll discuss the notion that Fintechs often talk about making their products ‘disruptive’ but are their products sufficiently ‘constructive’ in building a relationship with their customers over time. When Fintechs build in a reward mechanism, is the delivery to the account holder based on best practice principles: such as being ‘tangible, immediate and visible.’ Finally, we will look to what extent are Fintechs using HR rewards, recognition & incentives for their own staff.

The Format for each webinar is:
– 5 minutes interview with each panellist
– 20 Minutes topics related questions to our expert panel to reply and discuss
– Followed by 10-15 Minutes Open Forum Q&A