MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MotivAction, a global performance improvement company and leader in sales and channel incentives, employee engagement and recognition, announced today that it has launched Encore Channel, a simple, flexible and scalable channel sales incentive solution.

Encore Channel features MotivAction’s proven Encore recognition and incentive technology, a host of applications that address channel managers’ primary sales incentive needs, and a comprehensive reward network to make development and deployment of a Channel sales incentive program simple and effective.

“Channel sales incentives are part of the rich legacy of MotivAction and a core competency with our largest clients,” said Mike McWilliams, Vice President of Marketing and Client Strategy. “We’ve leveraged that heritage and know-how in the development of Encore Channel, which includes everything you need – the technology, strategy, communications and global reward capability – to better motivate your channel in an extremely simple-to-activate package.”

“The time was right for Encore Channel,” said Kari Vrba, MotivAction Senior Vice President, Business Development. “We’ve launched thousands of recognition and incentive platforms for some of the most notable brands in the business and we are excited to deliver the same simplicity, ease of use and flawless sales incentive delivery for Channel managers.”

The foundation for this global solution is the responsive, global Encore platform, and the applications developed by MotivAction specifically address the added complexity of channel sales incentives. “The combination of our proven Encore platform and these purpose-built channel sales incentive applications make this a completely turn-key and flexible offering,” said McWilliams.