Every business owner is aware that their staff is a key component in the success of their brand. Without the help of their employees, the ability to provide quality products and services to consumers becomes impaired. Though workers are paid for their efforts on the job, sometimes it feels good to get a pat on the back. When employers are able to show appreciation for those who help them reach success, it tends to come back tenfold.

Company-Wide Recognition

Being recognized for your efforts feels great for an employee. It encourages them to want to continue performing at their best. When recognized by colleagues, it can also persuade other members of the workforce to work harder to achieve the same goals. To acknowledge hard-working staff throughout the company without breaking the bank, consider these ideas below:

·  Add their name to the company website. Creating a small bio or profile for employees that do outstanding work and placing it on the company website is a great way to make them feel appreciated. Not only does this recognize them amongst their peers, but it is an accomplishment that can be seen by anyone with an internet connection.

·  Buy a trophyTrophies are a lot more affordable than you may have realized and can go a long way in making an employee feel good about working for you. Ordering trophies or plaques with their names engraved and perhaps a title like outstanding employee or employee of the month gives them a tangible reward they can keep with them for years.

·  Have a dinner – Hosting a dinner is another way to show your employees that you care. Whether you have it catered to your office or take a few outstanding staffers with you to a restaurant, it is an intimate way to show you care about what they do for you. Since you’ll be traveling in groups, you can often get menu options cheaper which saves money.

employee-appreciation-top Ways to Show Employee Appreciation on a Tight Budget

Additional Benefits

All employees love working for companies who offer great benefits. A great way to acknowledge their dedication and effort to your company would be to give them additional perks to make the job sweeter. Below are a few options to consider:

·  Time off. Every employee can appreciate time off from work, so when they’re working hard for you, you can count this as earned time and give them a few hours off. Whether you give them an extra full paid day or just a few hours, they’ll appreciate the break.

·  Promotion. One way to recognize a worker’s efforts without having to break the bank is to promote them. If they’ve been with your company for a while and have displayed the ability to handle more challenging tasks, a promotion helps the business and the employee to reach their career and financial goals.

·  Remote work. Working from home has become a popular trend for small businesses and employees. It is a great perk and will definitely be appreciated. Allow staffers who show good work ethic to choose days out of the week to work from home. Not only does this allow them to spend more time with their families, but it saves you money on overhead costs.

Monetary Rewards

Though they’re getting a paycheck, no employee will refuse a cash reward for their efforts. If you’re looking for affordable ways to show your gratitude, consider these options below:

·  Gift cards. Gift cards range in price from $5 – $500 and can be used in an array of stores. Whether you hand out $5 cards for a cup of coffee or $500 visa gift cards for additional holiday cash, your employees will appreciate this reward.

·  Bonus. Cash bonuses are always a good incentive to be a good employee. Even if you only hand them out once a year, those who receive the bonuses will be grateful.

The only way to successfully grow your business is to treat those who are helping you along the way with respect. Showing a little appreciation to your staff not only makes them feel good but encourages them to be better performers. Whether you have a small budget or a healthy one, the above-mentioned rewards will be appreciated by all who receive them.