IMA Europe will initiate an election process in January 2021 for Two Board positions for a 3 year term each. The positions are:

South and Western Europe Regional Board Member :
This is only open to submissions from member companies based in the region. (currently France, Spain and Italy).

Voting is by member companies based in the region to elect their regional representative. One vote per member company.

The IMA Europe regional Board Member will act as the ambassador for IMA Europe in their elected region.

”At Large” Board Member. This is open to all member companies. Voting for the ”At Large” position will be by all IMA Europe member companies.

One vote per member company.

The ”At Large” board member will be allocated a brief or portfolio of ownership to support the direction and growth of IMA Europe.

Submissions of candidacy for either or both the above positions should be sent to with a max 400 word Profile Bio.

Nominations are self-nominations; no third-party nominations are accepted and do not require the support of another member.

Deadlines for submissions is Wednesday January 27th 2021.

The election will commence on Wednesday February 10th where the related electorate will be circulated the respective candidates profiles and voting access link.

Election results will be announced in March with the elected new Board being formally inducted in April 2021.