We’re pleased to announce that Andrew Wilmot CEO & Co-owner P92 Nearshore IT UK & Ireland – will be moderating ‘Motivation Technology – An Update’ at our Budapest event.  The meeting will take place on Thursday 28 March 2019 at Prónay Castle, Budapest, Hungary. 

Andrew will also present on ”How are underlying technology trends effecting motivational technology solutions”.

P92 works with performance improvement companies to build mission critical mobile & web apps for incentive, recognition, rewards and loyalty solutions.
Andrew was previously Worldwide Group CTO of Grass Roots (now part of Blackhawk Network.) and was Managing Director of Grass Roots – Asia Pacific. Grass Roots bought Andrew’s company BDR Customer Management – a Digital Marketing and Loyalty company in 2005. Andrew has had over 15 years in providing Loyalty technology managed services and over 10 years leading the design and development of staff recognition, channel incentive and global reward solutions. Andrew is a non-executive director of Allegiant Loyalty based on Dublin. Previously, Andrew was a founder member of the Compaq Computer UK management team.



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