On November 10, the assembly of the IMA – Incentive Marketing Association Europe took place at the H4 Hotel in Munich.This year’s meeting took place as part of the 8th International Gift Card & Couponing Summit. The annual congress for decision-makers from trade, industry, textiles, hotels and restaurants showed the latest developments in this industry.

BONAGO CEO and IMA Europe Vice President Mark Gregg was also there to discuss the latest developments in the incentive industry and best practice examples.

At the event, Jörg Gerstacker, Head of B2B Management at Degussa Bank AG, discussed the challenges of a good advantage program. As well as George Wyrwoll from Sodexo Pass GmbH on the latest developments on employee motivation 4.0.

IMA Europe represents the industry for reward, recognition, incentives and coupons. It offers its members networking, professional synergies and learning opportunities that foster the incentive marketing industry. IMA Europe acts as a strategic industry group within the US and was formed to develop the benefits of incentive marketing across Europe. In addition, IMA Europe supports EMEA’s incentive and incentive industry, with members from across Europe from the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Germany, Benelux, the UK and Ireland.

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