IMA Europe London Sept 26th – Agenda to include Deal or No Deal Sessions

It’s a topic that is a bit contentious, fraught with uncertainty but certainly a reality, and in the end may or may not happen as planned…. yip, its Brexit.

What are the practical realities of Brexit as it relates to the customer and employee incentive marketing disciplines in Europe and beyond.  What strategies and plans will our businesses need to put in place in the short term, and how are we going to manage our clients’ business across borders.

To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, what are the known knowns that we need to actively preparing for, the known unknowns that we need to have contingencies for, and the unknown unknowns that keep us awake at night!  And what are the opportunities that we see moving forward – are there new business avenues / models potentially emerging?

The IMA Brexit panel will look at this from 4 separate perspectives with 15-20 minute dialogues from key industry leaders and experts, before an open Q&A.

  • John Sylvester, Outgoing Chairman of Sodexo,  Chairman of the Institute of Promotional Marketing.  He will be examining this from the programme management / client side of the industry.
  • John Hayes, Principal at Constantine Law, he’ll look at the implications to our businesses from an employment and data law perspective.
  • Mike Davies, MD & CEO BI Worldwide EMEA, looking at the potential effects on Cross Border Trading.
  • Final Panelist TBC, an analyst / economist to give a broad overview of the macro economic landscape with deal / no deal GDP projections for UK and EU.

Jonathan Grey, CEO of Ovation Incentives and President of IMA Europe, will moderate the session and is keen that the panel focus on the realities and the opportunities for our industry across Europe so that the audience can take away some practical, actionable insights for the coming months.

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