We all know that including physical gifts into your portfolio brings many positives to you, your client, and the recipient. We also know however that including physical gifts into your Reward Schemes can be quite overwhelming when you realise the complexities of what is involved if it is not your core business.

We talked at the last IMA meeting about things you need to bear in mind such as; having the right choice of brands, the correct electrical plug for the destination country, shipping dangerous goods abroad, completing customs paperwork, and getting an item back if it is damaged in transit.

 In Milan we are going to concentrate on how you can include physical gifts without the challenges outlined above by working with a fulfilment partner and what you should look for when selecting a partner.

Greg Connell
Account Director
Procurement International
IMA Europe Events Sponsor 2019


Please Click Here to see a showreel of some of the brands available from Procurement International or to go to their website please click their logo below. 

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