A great result in Loyalty whilst promoting the IMA Europe…

                                                                                                 Recently, we noticed that a global loyalty company had a strong recruitment rule on their website.  It said:

We don’t take calls, emails or any kind of messages from agencies about recruitment

We were convinced we could help support their growth in both locations due to the strength of our network in the industry.  Instead, and to honour their rules, we sent a message to them promoting the IMA Europe because we also knew how the association could benefit their UK, Europe & global operations.

They replied “This sounds interesting.  But first, can you help us with the search for a Loyalty Consultant for our client in Dubai?

2 weeks later, a master of retail and loyalty technology was moving to Dubai perfectly selected by our talented Resourcing Director, Hayley-Jayne Menere.

IMA Europe provided us with the bridge to help us win what is now a loyal client.  Thank you.

Web : https://www.giftcardrecruitment.co.uk/

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