Michael Fitzgerald – CEO, Allegiant – Dublin will be speaking on ‘Case study: Customer Lifecycle Management & CashBack Loyalty Programme for the Irish Post Office’   

The meeting will take place on Thursday 28th March 2019 at Prónay Castle, Budapest, Hungary.   

Michael Fitzgerald is CEO of Allegiant based in Dublin, his focus is around the development of longer-term transformative activity and strategic partnerships. Allegiant is an Irish based company that provides comprehensive customer lifecycle management and loyalty solutions to the Financial Services Industry.

Prior to joining Allegiant, Michael founded Abtran in 1997 and as founder and CEO, established Abtran as the largest provider of customer and business process outsourcing services in Ireland. Michael has a proven entrepreneurial ability to scale start-ups to international success stories. Michael was educated at Stanford University Graduate School of Business and University College Cork.




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