Katharina Jünger, Founder and CEO – TeleClinic GmbH to present on TeleClinic: 24/7 Access to doctors of all specialties for your employees

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Katharina comes from a family of doctors and grew up knowing that she could reach a doctor to help her at any time of the day or night and from anywhere. Friends have often envied her for this luxury. Time and again, Katharina’s friends asked her, or her parents, for medical advice. For example, when friends were abroad and a German doctor was not available. But often also when they had a health question and therefore did not want to go to a doctor. Katharina knows: Many people do not go to the doctor for small complaints or simple questions although this would make sense and they would like medical advice and help even with supposedly harmless complaints. Whether concerns about one’s own health are unnecessary or justified can usually only be clarified in a personal consultation with a doctor. Katharina would therefore like to give everyone the opportunity to speak with a doctor in a simple and uncomplicated manner. No matter what it is about, where you are or what time it is. As a law graduate, she has analysed the regulatory hurdles of telemedicine and developed a business model that is in line with legal regulations.Hence, TeleClinic 24/7 Access to doctors.

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