The success of a company can often be measured by the morale of its employees. If your employees are happy, productive, and motivated, it is a sign that you are a good leader. But how do you motivate your employees every day? At a loss? Here are six steps to ensuring that your employees remain motivated:
Step 1 – Create a positive work environment

Your employees spend a lot of time in the workplace, so, create an environment that puts them at ease while boosting productivity.

Step 2 – Empower your employees individually

Every employee wants to know that he or she is valued, and not some faceless worker bee. Encourage your employees to express themselves as individuals, by displaying aspirational personal items in their workstations.

Step 3 – Encourage your employees to work as a team

From the battlefield to the boardroom, nothing keeps an individual focused and dedicated quite like belonging to a team. With teamwork, employees learn to trust each other and look beyond themselves for the collective success of their team.

Step 4 – Keep boredom to a minimum

Boredom reduces productivity and motivation, so keep things fresh and exciting. Avoid getting your employees into a routine, but rather encourage them to explore and be inventive. Think of ways to put a new spin on old tasks and avoid handing repetitive tasks to the same person.

Step 5 – Provide supportive leadership

Supportive leadership means you work closely with your employees and recognise that your expectations influence how they see themselves. Create conditions for increased productivity just by the assumption that your employees are dedicated and highly skilled.

Step 6 – Recognise and reward your employees

Recognition and rewards can be effective when creating real motivation, especially when recognition takes place in front of the group. Reward employees with spot prizes, vouchers to their favourite restaurant, or even a shopping spree. Recognising and rewarding your employees on a regular basis reminds them that they are appreciated.