Incentive Marketing Association Europe

Thank you for visiting the Incentive Marketing Association – European Council (IMA Europe) website. The association was formed with the mission of stimulating and developing the benefits that incentive marketing offers to all kind of organizations in Europe. Incentives are a great way to learn about your employees or representatives, motivate people, improve loyal to their companies and get results. IMA Europe has been specifically created to help companies in this task, strengthening a practice that will drive everyone to a better performance.

So what are we all about?

IMA Europe acts as a Chapter of the USA based Incentive Marketing Association, which was formed to develop the benefits that incentive marketing offers to all kind of organizations in Europe.We have set ourselves the task of helping the incentive and motivation industry within EMEA. Our members come from across Europe including Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Benelux, the UK and Ireland.

IMA USA, has more than 500 members and provides education and information services, organizes conferences and seminars, represents the incentive sector to the media, promotes investigation and acts as a public relations conduit for members.

IMA Europe Board

Jonathan Grey, CEO Ovation Incentives, President IMA Europe
Brian Dunne, Managing Director Giftcard.Consulting, PastPresident IMA Europe & Council Member IMA USA
Mark Gregg, Vice President, Bonago Incentive Marketing Group (Germany) Director IMA Europe
Declan Byrne, Group Development Director at GVS Group, Director IMA Europe
Sean Willkinson, Chairman Corporate Rewards, Council Member IMA USA, IMA Europe
Gunther Everaert, Managing Director, Swinggroup, Director IMA Europe
Wendy Carter, Managing Director Gifted To You, Executive Director IMA Europe
Andrea Verri, Co-Founder and CEO of AMILON and ECRM ITALIA, Director IMA Europe
Andrew Johnson, CEO, NGC Europe, Director IMA Europe
Fintan Connolly, Global eCommerce Manager, Globoforce, Director IMA Europe, Council Member IMA USA