Marc Matthews is CEO of Pulse Experiential Travel, (formally Corporate Sport Incentives), he has over thirty-five years-experience in the sales incentive, group travel, and special events marketplace. His company specializes in creating and fulfilling customized tiered sales incentive programs based around individual sports and vacation travel packages that are designed to help push product down through distribution networks.
Pulse Experiential Travel is a full-service incentive reward company. The business creates unique corporate incentive programs designed to improve sales, increase market share, reward customer loyalty, motivate employees and build brand awareness. Specialising in providing flexible incentive travel programs based around exciting sports events and vacation destinations worldwide. The JustRewards Sport and Experiential Travel Collections offer flexibility to achieve maximum impact, while reflecting the individualized, unique ways that clients operate their businesses.

Marc is a Founding Member and Past President of the National Association of Ticket Brokers. He graduated in 1987 from the University of Maryland College of Business with a Degree in Marketing and a Degree in Finance and holds two Associate Degrees in Architecture and Civil Engineering from Northern Virginia Community College.

We are delighted that Marc will be joining us in Milano to deliver an overview of the US Incentive Travel sector, along with insight into future trends and opportunities.  Book your place