Clive Williams – Director, Prepaid Consultancy Services Ltd (PCS)     Click to Book :

Sharing his knowledge in the payments industry on the topic ”Payments Industry – Market Update” delivering an overview of the sector and what’s trending and emerging within the space.

Clive Williams started his career in the Petroleum Marketing sector at AMOCO and Texaco, in both Retail and Commercial management roles. After 10 years, he switched paths and joined the Payment Industry.

Since 1997, from the early days of the electronic Prepaid card business, he has developed his expertise and experience in the Prepaid, online and Alternative Payments sectors working with solutions and clients in Europe, UK and in the US.

Now after more than 20 years in the Payment Services sector with senior roles at PayPoint, First Data, Stored Value Solutions (SVS) PrePay Solutions (PPS) and Limonetik behind him, Clive has been running two ‘boutique’ Payment Consultancy companies for the past 7 years.

PCS clients currently include a number of well-established International businesses, a leisure operator and two UK-based Start-Up’s.

PCS’ consulting roles include Interim Management, Business Development and Relationship Management functions, as well as running some special short-term Projects.

Clive has a Business Studies degree from Kingston University.    Click to Book :