The 2017 IMA Summit Education Committee is pleased to announce that we are seeking proposals for presentations and speakers for this year’s IMA Summit!

Our goal is to ensure that we are providing valuable, relevant content in the best format that meets the needs of all SIGs and attendees.  To that effect we recently completed a survey of the various SIG Leaders to get a pulse on what topics, industry trends or subjects our membership would most like to have included this year.  The feedback and input was very thoughtful, inspiring and shows the passion we all have about our industry to help us all grow our business.

At the bottom of this communication are some of the consistent themes that we heard and would like to build upon to ensure we deliver the best Educational content possible. If you have a passion, expertise or insights on one of these topics or another topic that you feel would provide value to our members, we’d like to hear from you!

The format of the content can be a panel discussion with industry experts facilitated by a moderator, a presentation by a subject matter expert or possible content for smaller roundtable discussions.  Content must be general information of value to all and cannot be a sales pitch for you or your company.  Sessions can be 30 minutes to 1 hour and should allow time for Q/A at the end of the presentation.  Interactive sessions are also well received by our members including live polling if applicable.

To submit your presentation please click here to submit your proposal and qualifications.  We will be evaluating each submission as well as speaker qualifications and will reach out to you with any questions.  The deadline for initial submissions for presentations is April 7th to give the Education Committee time to review and select the final presentations for inclusion in our communications to members.  We will make our best efforts to finalize the list of presentations by May 10th to give you ample time to prepare your final presentation should your presentation be selected.

We look forward to hearing from you, and remember Dream BIG!

Top Themes (not in any particular order):

  1. Fraud
    1. Trends, detection and prevention; resolution when it happens
    2. Fraud and security case studies by vertical
    3. Customer Due Diligence: best practices on how to validate and properly vet a customer
  1. How technology and innovation are impacting/changing our industry
    1. Mobile/digital use & adoption
    2. Mobile usage related to member reward tracking and redemption
    3. Social media – Is it still effective? Is it overused?
  1. SIG collaboration
    1. How can SIG’s work together to bundle product/services to increase/acquire new business
    2. End user case studies with examples of how client companies have successfully used merchandise, gift cards and travel in incentive programs
  1. Future of Industry trade shows and conferences
  2. Motivational incentives by generation – everyone is talking about Millennials in the workplace.
  3. Global economy/market
    1. Impacts of Brexit and the Trump Administration
    2. The expanding global market and how to do business in the U.S. and around the world
  1. Changes in Travel Incentives
    1. Trends, growth opportunities
    2. How can travel be incorporated into incentive and recognition programs more broadly
  1. Industry Research
    1. Trends in employee incentives/engagement, channel incentives, loyalty programs, consumer redemption behavior
    2. Buying habits and use of brand names
    3. Case studies, white papers, benchmarking studies
    4. Governmental changes/issues impacting incentives