For those that attended our Italy meeting last year in Lake Como will recall that Daniele Tonini from Target Research delivered a great piece of multi country research on gift card perceptions. We are delighted that he is returning with an update.  

Daniele is a Business Analytics Expert & Advisor. He has been active for several years in two different fields: academic teaching and professional consultancy services. 

In the academic field he is Professor of Department of Decision Sciences at Bocconi University and at Insubria University. He teaches Statistics, Market Reseach, Business Analytics foundations and Quantitative methods for Management. He collaborates with SDA Bocconi School of Management researching on topics like Big Data & Analytics.

Regarding his professional activity, he is partner and consultant at Target Research, a Milan based company active for almost thirty years in market research, data mining, knowledge management. In Target Research he is responsible for Advanced & Predictive Analytics for CRM.

Daniele’s presentation is entitled Consumers Perception of Digital Rewards in Loyalty programs: A comparative multi country research 2016 vs 2017  Book your place