About IMA Europe

IMA Europe was created in 2007 to lead incentive professionals and the corporate community as the premier educator and information source in the incentive marketplace across Europe. Please follow our LinkinedIn company page, simply type IMA Europe Network on LinkedIn.

IMA Europe, a Strategic Industry Group of the Incentive Marketing Association, was formed with the mission of stimulating and developing the benefits that incentive marketing offers to all kind of organizations in Europe. It will aim to be the reference organization for the local incentive and motivation markets as a European mirror to the IMA.

With the task of helping incentive and motivation marketing become widely accepted throughout Europe, IMA Europe is making an important effort to become a permanently updated information source, promoting its member’s interests and the best industry practices.

The American parent organization, IMA

IMA US, has more than 600 members and provides education and information services, edits publications, organizes conferences and seminars, represents the incentive sector to the media, promotes investigation and acts as a public relations conduit for members.

IMA Europe performs as a resource for companies and incentive providers, with focus on helping building business alliances that will increase the demand of the products and services used in incentive programs.

As a result, IMA Europe will represent companies from a wide range of activities that share a common root: Motivation. Such companies include performance improvement consultants, incentive travel specialists, recognition consultants and manufacturers, distributors and representatives of products and services that are frequently used as rewards (such as consumer electronics, sports equipment, apparel, luggage, jewellery, watches, hotels, restaurant chains, gift cards, etc).


Download a summary of our latest White Paper on “Employee and Employer Attitudes To Incentives” here:

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